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Stainless steel pipes

Shot blasting is the optimum method for cleaning metalwork thoroughly and effectively. You can remove paint, rust, and contaminants with our shot blasting, and prepare it for powder coating or re-painting.

Blast your metalwork back to smoothness


If you need an item shot-blast cleaning, you can post it to us if it is small or we can arrange for it to be collected and delivered back to you. You can have your item cleaned and prepared for powder coating or further finishing within 48 hours.

Industrial shot blasting in Wolverhampton for you

• Glass beads for deburring and

 smoothing precision parts

• Barrelling to deburr

• Plastic beads for paint removal

• Soft grit for aluminium

We have many methods to ensure any item sent to us for shot blasting will not deteriorate, and be cleaned to perfection.

A smooth and well-prepared item of metalwork for a very reasonable price is just a phone call away:


01902 601 200

Shot blasting made easy - the materials used:

Shot blasting for many materials

Prepare the surface of your item - call us today to arrange for it to be shot blasted.

Close-up of metal items Close-up of metal item a shining bronge colour ring and handle