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Masters Of The Midlands Metalwork Tradition

Aluminium pipes of different shapes

Have your metalwork and components gleaming and sparkling after a comprehensive polishing from our team of specialists. We are experienced in working with all kinds of items, including intricately crafted mechanical instruments.

High quality polishing & finishing


We offer a wide range of finishes to meet your requirements, and will take the time to discuss your individual needs with you. We will also offer help and advice for you in maintaining the finish of your item, for either aesthetic or mechanical purposes.

Clean your metalwork and machinery to perfection

• Gun metal

• Aluminium

• Grey iron

• Brass

• Mild steel

• All bronze

• Plastics

• Mechanical instruments

• Silverware and trophies

• Old kitchenware

• Ornaments

• Motor vehicle parts for shows

• Stainless steel

For gleaming metalwork, call us today on

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All these materials polished for you:

Your items polished and finished to look like new


Contact us today to arrange for your items to be polished. We can arrange for the collection and delivery of your metalwork.

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