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Masters Of The Midlands Metalwork Tradition

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Our home town of Willenhall has a long local tradition of lock making. We can produce a wide variety of locks in various metals, including padlocks, house locks, door locks and chest or cabinet locks.


We'll make a lock for you

Lock making for you

We operate a collection and delivery service with secure packing to protect your metalwork from damage, and have a strong reputation for high quality workmanship.



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Metalwork polishing

PLB Polishing Service are a family-owned business specialising in high quality metal and plastic polishing. Our skilled technicians can polish and finish most types of metal, including stainless steel, grey iron, gun metal, aluminium and brass.

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Birmingham for you

Shot blasting cleans or prepares a metal surface by propelling a stream of abrasive material against it to remove debris and prepare it for powder coating or re-painting. You can arrange shot blasting with us.


Shot blasting for your metalwork

Shot blasting